Idea Bounty Interview with Kevin Parry

kevin parry

The guys over at Idea Bounty have a pretty good interview with the designer Kevin Parry who runs a boutique agency called In the Beginning. We couldn’t find any links to his own site, but read on for more of his thoughts.

Tell us a bit more about your agency, In the Beginning, how did it start? What do you offer your clients?

It had always been a dream of mine. I did my share of time in the ad industry, working for some really great agencies, but got to a point where I wanted more, and to do more. I was doing a bit of freelance work which began to steadily increase, so in a nutshell I took a leap of faith to make it happen. What I aim to offer my clients is authentic Graphic Design, but we don’t limit our offering to any specific field or discipline. Our focus is on the aesthetic of any job that we take on.

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