Conduit Productions


The guys over at Conduit have an incredibly versatile style, as you can see by a quick look through their Flickr profile. Check out some of their work below:

Conduit is the creative channel through which Designer/Directors Marc Ziman and David Correia bring unique narratives to life.

Exploring the confluent worlds of illustration, graphic design, classic cinematography and in camera live action, Conduit’s design first methodology produces noteworthy television commercials for blue chip agency teams and client collaborators from around the globe.

Conduit boasts an unparalleled service facility and extensive post production knowledge, all handled under one roof at Conduit Studios. Our production team is well versed in new school filmmaking techniques, and ensure a proactive, cost effective way to communicate your big ideas.

Boards Magazine – ‘jaw-dropping work that in many cases melds the natural world with the wildly imaginary.’

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