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Pecha Kucha posters (Call for submissions)


Poster done by Amicollective for the previous Pecha Kucha. This just in from Instant Grass, the company responsible for hosting the Pecha Kucha evenings in Cape Town:

In the true nature of Pecha Kucha we have decided to open source our invite designs…So if you are a creative talent looking for some exposure, put something together and send it our way.

Pecha Kucha for those that don’t know is a platform for creative people to get together and share their thoughts and inspirations. Instant Grass has been involved in this concept for the last year. We do not make any money out of Pecha Kucha. We want to give back to the youth by offering them a platform to get their talent out there.

The great thing about this is that not only does your work get exposed to a local crowd but is uploaded to the official daily Pecha Kucha blog and people from all around the world will see it (

All it needs to have is PECHA KUCHA and a short blurb that I will leave up to you…check out the Facebook group or the official website for any interesting copy to add…take a look at the last invite the Amicollective did

The venue is The Assembly(61 Harrington street, District Six)

It starts at 20h00

Its always free

And its always the 20×20 concept that is 20 slides at twenty seconds a slide= 6min40seconds

If you would like logos or any help please feel free to drop me a mail at

Pecha Kucha Vol.8 is happening on the 6th October, so there is some times to play around, send me some stuff in and if it rocks we will let you know asap for which installment we will use it.

Make sure to add your signature somewhere;)


Between 10 and 5