The Eagle Awards


King James Cape Town is the agency behind the latest Eagle Awards campaign. Here’s what they had to say about the work:


The Eagles 2009 – Blood, sweat and advertising.


Back in 1996 Independent Newspapers decided to do something proactive to promote and develop exceptional print advertising in South Africa, and so The Eagles Print Awards were born. Since then The Eagles have become the benchmark for print advertising in South Africa. With the Black Eagle being so tough that it’s only ever been awarded 5 times.


Together with brave client, Mike Vale at Independent Newspapers, King James have created a series of posters, print ads and magazine ads as well as an engaging and unique website created with their digital partner Mnemonic, to tell people in the industry about this year’s Eagle Awards.


The theme for this year’s awards is based on a human truth that’s just about as old as creativity itself. Since the beginning of time creatives have gone to great lengths to crack that stonker of an idea. From enduring sleepless nights, to sweating bullets, inhaling vodka or selling their souls to the devil. Then when they finally crack it, the hard work has only just begun. These days budgets are smaller, time is shorter, the logo will always need to be bigger and every year The Eagles judges are tougher. Hey, nobody said it was easy.




Copywriter: Paige Nick
Art Director: Karin Barry McCormack
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Client Service: Lesley Wright
Website design: Mnemonic – Bruce Wright/Linton Davids
Client: Independent Newspapers – Mike Vale
Illustration – Am I Collective/Westley Lewis
Retouching – Ross Garrett
Photography – Ross Garrett


For more information about the Eagle Awards, visit the website here.


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