The BARE Project – Exclusive Interview with ami collective

ami Collective BARE Project interview

ami collective has been kept busy with their latest project called the BARE project. We’ve asked the guys at the studio a couple of questions, and lo’ and behold, they answered! We’re particularly excited about the project as many of the illustrators featured on 10and5 have also gotten their hands on a BARE. We hope to showcase some of them in the upcoming weeks. You can check out the ami collective BARE project website here. It only launches on Friday, but you can keep tabs on the 10and5 Twitter account to be the first to know when it launches.

What is the BARE project about?
BARE is the ami collectives latest and most ambitious project yet. Essentially it is an art object that we designed and produced to inspire young artists to express themselves on a medium other than the traditional canvas. It is aimed at showcasing the non-commercial side of ami (what we do outside the perimeters of a brief) and an attempt to raise money for underprivileged children. Hopefully it will be a platform that will launch some of the many unknown but multi-talented artists into a new level of recognition. Who are some of the illustrators involved?
We have specifically invited young, new artists that we identified as having the talent to go places. This was never an exercise in getting the more known names to participate but rather an endorsement of the relatively undiscovered (unknown) side of the creative talent out there. We have however invited a handful of peeps we know to participate and theirs will be auctioned at an exclusive dinner to be held by the Child Welfare later this year. They include the likes of Brand Botes, Kronk and UK based illustration boffs, i love dust. We are hoping to get a few more internationally reknowned artists such as Shepard Fairy involved as well.
Why did you decide to do the BARE project?
I don’t think there was ever a specific eurika moment when we decided to do BARE. The whole project has been a very organic process and its actually quite amazing to see how this simple design has been interpreted into very many exciting projects. Bare has had us venture into 3D and 2D animation, photography, installation art, VJ sequences and other areas that we are hoping to showcase at the event. I think the important thing is that we, as a group of artists recognise, the need to keep ourselves inspired, to keep exploring and evolving. Bare in essence, is the creative fertiliser that keeps us growing as a collective. Who knows what the next project will be – the only certainty is that there will be more… its good for our headspace.
How dis this coincide with any of your previous projects?
We did the “honderd honde” a few years ago and the response to that was pretty awesome – I think Bare is our attempt at doing things on a bigger more professional scale. It really has become a case study of how a relatively simple concept can inspire the creative mind into all sorts of amazing directions. Without giving anything away, we believe that this project once launched, will definitely showcase this.
Where will the BARE’s end up?
Bare will be launched at an exclusive party at the end of September after which they will be exhibited in Cape Town at a venue soon to be decided – hopefully it will be in our own gallery that we are in the process of establishing. After this, we are hoping to have the exhibition travel to NY and London. We have agents in these two cities that are willing to set this up for us – we are currently seeking a sponsor to cover the freight costs – which is quite an expensive exercise. Whilst this is happening, aspirant buyers will be afforded the opportunity to place a bid online for the bare of their choice. A cut off date still to be decided will determine the new owners. (Proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Child Welfare. ) As mentioned – our celeb bares will be auctioned at an exclusive fund raising dinner hosted by the Child Welfare in October
What can someone do to get hold of a BARE, either if they want to illustrate themselves, or if they want to buy one?
The current project is by invite only (mainly because of the costs of developing these guys. We only made 100 at R500 each!) However depending on the success of the project – we would consider making the blank bare available for purchase at a later stage. We haven’t really put much thought into this as yet


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