Mary Jane Oliver


Mary Jane Oliver is an artist based in Cape Town. Above is some of her latest work. The art has also been featured at the Calling All Creatives exhibition. Below is the artist statement:

Art is about moving and creating, working and passion, good art is one that serves more than an aesthetic purpose, it is there to stir an emotion be it anxiety, fear, calm, joy, curiosity, humor etc. As an artist i strive to create these emotions through the images i portray. Nothing i do is entirely planned nor thought out.. each piece is merely the product of a mood or situation that is ongoing at the time, it can be as simple as a colour, phrase, or feeling that causes the medium in my hand to produce what you see. I have never studied art as i like the innocence of no influence, it gives the ability to just do without a mental drawback of why. In the future I plan to pursue art in as many different mediums as i can get my hands on, play and explore everything.

Between 10 and 5