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Carla Crafford Posters Exhibition

iArt Gallery has a number of exhibitions coming up (check them out here). We’re featuring one with Carla Crafford:

A collection of beautiful original art posters created by Carla Crafford will be on show alongside work from the artist featured in each poster. Carla is a talented photographer, who has long been fascinated with the visual conversations made possible through photographing the work of other artists, particularly sculptors. In juxtaposing the artwork and the poster, the poster as an artwork in its own right is highlighted. We’ve nodded our heads toward our Pop predecessors in showing “fine art” and elements of mainstream media in an exhibition set to illuminate interesting dialogues between the two worlds.

‘Carla Crafford employs her photographs as conversation pieces – ice breakers – tempting her viewers to join in the ongoing conversation. She begins the conversation by photographing other artists’ work and challenges the notion that art works are complete and closed entities. In fact, through the visual dialogue created, Crafford becomes the co-author of the images or, rather, she co-converses in the drama of these visual dialogues. The objects that she engages with through her photography act as “found objects” open to other interpretations and meanings.’ – Amanda du Preez, 14 June 2008

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the show opens on the 2nd of October.

Between 10 and 5