Hurricane Vanessa talks advertising.


Vanessa Raphaely (Editorial Director of Associated Magazines and Editor of Cosmopolitan South Africa) struck up a conversation on her blog about an ad that ran for Cherryflava and what it had to do with one of the magazines in her stable.

It’s intention was to draw attention to a feature that we have done in the latest MC, which poses the question, has fashion and advertising gone too far?

I thought they’d missed the point.

But they really REALLY love it. And are rather pissed with me, (the evil, conservative, out-of-touch client) that it wasn’t going to be used.

They need it to run, because they looooo-ve it and they think it’ll win them awards.*

So it’s popped up advertising

It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between client and agency. And it also exposes how, if an ad won’t work for one brand, an agency will simply find one it will work for.

Between 10 and 5