Elle Dress-for-a-month campaign


Local fashion magazine Elle has gotten one of their writers to wear the same dress for a month, and then document the different styles and accessories that she can wear with it. Check out the blog here, or leave your comments in our comments section.


  1. They got the idea from The Uniform Project – 1 dress 365 days:

  2. cool. see also The Uniform Project: http://bit.ly/47LfNl

  3. Hehe I knew I had seen it before somewhere else. Still – could be a cool campaign for them none the less? Seeing as magazines are struggling to get innovative new ways of getting readers attention, and also knowing what to do online, this is at least a step in the right direction.
    Only thing that I would have done a bit differently is to have more social content, and also allow for some other way to raise funds. I can’t see any call to action?

  4. Yes, the idea did come from Uniform Project. It’s a fantastic initiative and we wanted to do something similar. Regarding call to action, I want readers to take the idea and do it themselves, raise money by copying what we’ve done, sending us pics and updates along the way. I’m also being sponsored by friends and family but am not turning to readers for money. Thanks for the support!

  5. Hey Emily, thanks for commenting! Hopefully you’ll have a great case-study towards the end of the series (and next month get another outfit?).

  6. this makes me so sad.

    this is what our so called “creative community” has come down to.

    recycling, recycled idea’s …
    so sad and disheartening.