Capitec Integrated Campaign by Network BBDO

be-a-celeb for a weekend campaign by Network BBDONetwork BBDO connected with Capitec Bank to produce this integrated campaign. Your comments below.

They say:

Challenging South African banks on and off-screen, Capitec Bank, in conjunction with Network BBDO, has launched an integrated advertising campaign to create hype and awareness around their new positioning in the market place. The campaign comprises three unique elements and spans the media platform by:

  • Forming part of the popular Generation’s storyline: having played a prominent role in the plot since August, the bank’s new advertising campaign’s look and feel will be revealed on the show tomorrow night to an audience of seven million fans;
  • Launching in reality while the Generation’s show is live on air: the same ad campaign will be revealed to cast members and Capitec staff at a special event before being released on SABC 1 and in print and;
  • Being supported by a call-to-action competition element (comprising radio, print, in-branch promotional material) that encourages Generation’s fans to open an account with the bank and stand a chance of winning a trip to the soap opera’s set to meet their favourite cast members.

With its punchy core messages and unique activation platform that blurs the lines between TV and reality, I thought this could be of interest and embed the media release below.

More details:

Cape Town, September 9, 2009: Taking the concept of reality TV to new heights, Capitec Bank will today reveal its new advertising campaign to seven million Generation’s die-hard fans as part of this evening’s episode. The campaign – an above-the-line concept that challenges traditional banks – has kept the popular soap’s fans glued to their seats since July 20 when Ezweni Communications – the show’s advertising agency, around which most of the storyline’s drama unfolds – was briefed to develop a fresh, campaign. Tonight’s episode is the grand finale in which Ezweni will reveal their big idea.

Meanwhile, the same ad campaign will also break off-screen at an event attended by Generations’ celebrities and Capitec Bank EXCO and staff before making its debut on SABC1 on September 9 and later in print in October.

“The campaign is punchy, challenging and takes to task common gripes people have with their bank,” says Sbusiso Kumalo, Head: Marketing and Channel Development at Capitec Bank. “Using the Generations’ plot as a channel to launch the concept, we’re able to communicate our unique benefits and positioning to an audience of millions while in the comfort of their own home.”

Similar to the TV shows plot, the campaign’s messages are bold and make a statement about other bank’s red tape, pricey banking fees, inconvenient opening hours and lengthy credit application processes. “Our positioning in the market is unique,” says Kumalo. “Given that we are based on a model of innovation and technology, meaning our processes are automated, paperless and happen in realtime, we can afford to offer the lowest fees on the market and stay open until after 5pm – something unheard of in other banks.”

Integrating the Generation’s storyline into reality even further, a competition offering consumers a chance of being a celebrity for a weekend by winning a trip to the Generations’ set was launched in conjunction with media partners Drum, MetroFM and supported by eye-catching in-branch branding.

“As the plot thickened on the set of Generations between 17 August and September 9, creating huge awareness of Capitec Bank among our core target market, the public was called to action by a national competition,” explains Kumalo.

With its aspirational look and feel featuring members of the Generation’s cast, the competition’s television, radio, print and in-branch promotional material appeals to the TV show’s extensive fan base and encourages them to open a Capitec Bank account, thereby automatically entering them into the draw,” explains Kumalo.

Capitec Bank has a prominent starring role in Generations until October 31, while the competition campaign closes on September 30. All new account opened until September 30 will enter the holder into the competition.*

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