New Whitelabel Dating site

Login Pg recently launched a new mobile dating website. It’s not everyday we get to feature the design of new web applications as they typically go more for function over form. What do you think?

WEB DESIGN STATEMENT: Product Manager: Stefano Sessa

“We kept it quite simple and clean in order to simplify the white labelling process. The idea of Flirtaroo is to proliferate into different brands, and in order to do that we had to keep it simple (design wise) so it is possible to change a minimum amount of elements to create a unique whitelabel install, says Stefano Sessa.”

“Regarding what we have done for Flirtaroo as a brand, we wanted to keep it quirky, flirty and fun. We didn’t want to have a serious old looking network for our users. We wanted to keep it young, without it being too childish and also wanted to keep it sophisticated in order to keep it usable and appealing to all. I Wouldn’t say it is completely done yet – I think there are still a few more things we can do to improve it, but as a first draft this is very close,” says Sessa.

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