Paul Edmunds and Meschac Gaba at Michael Stevenson

Foam by Paul Edmunds 2009 Skateboard wheels, cable ties 24 x 50 x 4cm

Make sure to head down to the Michael Stevenson Gallery which opened on the 1st of October for Paul Edmunds latest exhibition. On the same night is the opening of Meschac Gaba’s new installation as well:

Paul Edmunds:

Among the works on show will be Sleeve, a large structure made from wetsuit material, cut into triangles and assembled into a ‘hyperbolic parabola’ – a form beloved of architects for its simplicity and stability. Its curves also recall the perfect concrete transitions and banks for which skateboarders are continually on the lookout while traversing the city. Read More.

Meschac Gaba:

In The Street, Gaba presents a new series of Tresses, this time in the shape of cars – works including Mercedes, CitroĂ«n DS, Studebaker, Jeep, Fire Truck, School Bus, Tractor, Tank, Smart, Picasso and Beetle. Like the skyscrapers which inspired Gaba’s first series of Tresses while on a residency in New York City, cars are potent symbols of progress in the modern era, embodying technological achievement and prosperity. In the current global economic and environmental crisis, however, in which the bankruptcy of General Motors epitomises the end of an era and an uncertain future, these signs are radically destabilised, if no less powerfully associative. Read More.

Truck by Meschac Gaba From the Car Tresses series 2008 Braided artificial hair and mixed media 76 x 48 x 30cm

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