The I wanna talk to Mr. Harvey Weinstein song by Chocolate Cake

The I wanna talk to Mr. Harvey Weinstein song from chocolate cake on Vimeo.

Client: Dinky-Bloc Publishers and THE POP Magazine
Time Period: Viral- Current
Director: Chocolate Cake
Producer: Mi-Mi Fukawaka
Art Director: Hilary Maraney
Lyrics: Skyeler
Singer: Miss Wok ‘N Woll, tweeny
Catering: zero budget


Who is ‘La Chanteuse’ or Miss Wok ‘N Woll, tweeny as she is known in Tokyo?
She dreams of being a musical comedy actress. Filmed on location in Las Vegas and Hollywood.
Her literary memoir, I Married My Mother, is being made into a motion picture or is’t? and all this hoo-ha from a hybrid new media company called Chocolate Cake in Cape Town!

The “I wanna speak to Mr.Harvey Weinstein” song might make it all the way to the Weinstein’s office or not.. .
I Married My Mother by Hilary Maraney aka Miss WNW, tweeny- in the genre of a Japanese I-novel can be found in all good book stores
or direct from Dinky-Bloc Publishers

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