Toyota Prius by DraftFCB


The Toyota Prius is a pretty flippen smart car, with all sorts of nifty features designed to keep you safe, cut fuel costs, reduce your carbon footprint and be all-round kind to lovely Mrs Nature. It is a car that is, in all senses, built for the planet. With this in mind DraftFCB Johannesburg devised a campaign that adapted artist/illustrator Brice Reignier’s ‘Mecha-Zoo” artworks into print and billboard executions.
Agency: DraftFCB Johannesburg

Client: Toyota

Product: Prius

Campaign Title: Mechanimals

ECD: Brett Morris

CD: James Cloete

Designer: Lia Schutte

Writer: Danni Diana




  1. this reminds me a lot of a tee shirt i saw. it hink it was for Makhulu Polane .. big blue .. also a mechanical warthog.. coincidence again i guess

  2. Indeed, funny thing about the collective ether…
    I exhibited MZ 2.0 in 2006 and that Christmass got the T-shirt!
    imagine my surprise 🙂
    …and it’s sitll a rad shirt…

  3. hahaha 🙂 .. great illis .. it happens a lot i reckon ..

  4. Awesome stuff, Brice. Great illustration.

  5. thanks for your work, Brice. Citylight billboards look rad!

  6. Lovely work, as ever, Brice.

  7. Sulet Shulze won the Big Blue Makhulu Polane comp in 2006 – her Spoed.vark design was part of her mechanimal collection….I don’t know the background details but coincidence? or not in terms of concept – here’s her design from 2006