FREE BURGER! by Draftfcb CT

This campaign was developed to promote Spur’s Monday Night Burger Special (buy one burger, get one free). Draftfcb Cape Town was responsible for the concept, TV and radio. The TV commercial showcases a court scene in which “Burger” is declared free every Monday at Spur. The other elements, such as the radio spots and website, developed out of this concept. The Free Burger website (created by Gloo) provides news on the special and encourages people to interact with the “Free Burger” movement by voting for the burger they would most like to declare ‘free’.
free burger protest 1

Promoters at traffic intersections carried “Free Burger!” protest boards and handed out leaflets to motorists.

The radio ads follow-up what happened in the TV commercial, featuring a fictional news reporter, Debbie Patty, and a host of mock celebrities outside the courtroom where Burger has been declared free.


Some snaps from the website (as produced by Gloo):

Free Burger Voting Page

Free Burger Home PAge


  1. This is a great example of how well a campaign can work when traditional and digital agencies work together.

    The TV Commercial and Radio ads were created by Draft FCB, with the microsite ( and e-mail campaign being designed and developed by Gloo. The same campaign creative idea has been executed across all items – including the microsite design being adapted and used as the basis for in-store posters, banners and table talkers.

    There is also a Facebook/Social Media element which will be developed over the coming weeks… So watch this space!

  2. It is a great execution – the voice is carried through all the platforms as well.