Chocolate Cake partners with Pop Magazine Uk

choco for 10and5

Fashion Photographer/Director Chocolate Cake
Producer Skyeler
Art Director H.M.
Stylist Mi-Mi Fukawaka

Chocolate Cake is a hybrid brand specialising in fashion photography, motion design and film.

Pop Magazine/THE POP whose partners include Colette,The Style Rookie, Dazed Digital’s blogging It-boy JakandJill, amongst others chose to partner with Chocolate Cake, a relatively unknown studio meets communications brand based in Cape Town. Headed up by fashion photographer wannabe, Skyeler and his art director, Hilary Maraney and featuring Mi-Mi Fukawaka, flown in from Japan to work on Chocolate Cake’s Fashion Editorial’s. She recently won the award for up and coming Tweeny-Hipster in Osaka.

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