Faith 47 in Germany


Faith 47 sent us a couple of updates on her movements for the next month or so. She will be at the ARTotale event in Lueneburg, Germany alongside 35 artists including: flying fortress, herbert baglione, herakut, mode2, swoon, tilt, vitche and others….

nice one! See the ARTotale website for more details. Because hey, you might just be in the area.
She says further:
From there ill be going to brussels and doing a small video and art installation at mr ego.
the opening is on the 17th of october so please forward to your contacts there…
ill be presenting the new short video ‘epitaph’ – the third in a series of short videos created by rowan pybus.
with this video weve worked closely with inge backmann on the music and i will be presenting the video through a photographic and illustrated diary exhibition….


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