Dysfunkt by Retha Ferguson

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Short description of project:

Dysfunkt is a web comic dealing with the beautifully dysfunctional people who we observe from the window seats of our lives. It takes a light hearted look at our flaws while searching for a way to deal with these everyday shortcomings in an affectionate manner. The vision for this project is experimental in nature and aims to find a way to involve the audience in the narrative of our subjects, and eventually form a space where the viewer can participate in writing the character histories.

Take a look at a couple more shots and a bio about the artist.

Project url: www.dysfunkt.co.za
Follow Dysfunkt on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dysfunkt

short bio:

In 2007 I completed my degree in BA Fine Arts, majoring in Photography, at the /University of Pretoria/. 2008 I decided to devote the year to a more Design orientated approach in order to enable me to pursue a career in the creative media industry. I enrolled three new media subjects at /The Open Window School of Visual Communication/ and did a four month internship at a small Graphic Design company. In the mean while my Fine Art Photography was honoured with a /Merit Award/ at the /Sasol New Signatures Competition/ 2007 and the /Gerard Sekoto Prize/ at the /Absa l’Atelier Competition 2008/. Currently I’m starting off as a freelance illustrator.

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