Audrey 2 Call for submission

Audrey 2 Call for submissions

Vincent Van Gogh died an unknown. That sweet scent of success eluded him. Not a single panty was thrown his way and not once did he snort cocaine off a groupies’ breast . He never even threw a TV out of a hotel window. Now tell us honestly, would you want to be a Van Gogh ? What’s that you say? Yeah sure he’s famous now. His work is displayed in some of the most famous galleries around the world. He is envied by masters around the globe and across generations. His name will live on forever…Ok bad example…but even with the whole cutting-your-own-ear-off-thing? Yeah okay so would we, but as a general rule of thumb it’s not such a great idea to die an unknown. So bare your bones in the 3rd issue of Audrey 2. Submit work to

Between 10 and 5