Steri Stumpie t-shirt exhibition by King James

Steri Stumpie campaign by King James

King James continues on the well executed Steri Stumpie campaign. This Friday sees them launching a t-shirt exhibition down Kloof Street.


Friday 16th October
Kloof Street
Cape Town

We’re launching a mind-bendingly awesome t-shirt range in collaboration with Levi’s® and someof the hottest scribblers known to humanity.

We’d like to invite you to come join us on Kloof Street for a flash fashion show on Friday 16th October.

It works like this:

  • We find 9 models, scatter them throughout Kloof Street (pretending to be just hanging out)
    Each of them wears one of the new t-shirt designs
    We issue a map of their locations
    And at 11:30 we’ll be hosting a guided tour of all the designs (freaking out innocent bystanders no doubt)
    Best photo taken during the show wins 3 of the t-shirts (your choice of design)
    We’ll also be armed with lots of Steri Stumpie and other goodies
    It will be frickin amazing

Visit for the full details (and where to gather)

Please let Jenn know if you’re coming and who you’re bringing with (all our welcome) so we can make sure we have enough stumpie with us

Between 10 and 5