Toyota Corolla TVC by Draftfcb

Press Release:

Toyota SA and its marketing partner of nearly half a century’s standing, Draftfcb Johannesburg, have found a new star to warm consumers’ hearts: a charismatic brindle Boxer named ‘Buddy’.

Buddy makes his television debut for the car manufacturer in a new TV ad for the Toyota Corolla, which started flighting late September. In the commercial, he attempts to behave with sophistication and grace – to match the refined and streamlined Corolla – but fails miserably, despite a heroic effort, in that both his speech and actions are down-to-earth, spontaneous and enthusiastic.

The message is clear: Toyota Corolla may have stylish, clean lines and refined touches but under the skin it is the same solid, reliable and dependable vehicle brought to you by a grounded, unpretentious but fun-loving South African company.

Between 10 and 5