Litshe le Golide – Short Film About Johannesburg

litshe+le+golide+2 : is short film created by a group of architectural students ( guy allion and andrew bell from WITS / Johannesburg) and recent film graduates.

Short Description: ‘ Litshe Le Golide “Stone From Gold” A Short Film About Johannesburg City as a Mining Town Turn Metropolis. Images of a vibrant concrete jungle bustling with urban life, ecstasy and turmoil. A city built from a gold with a mining heritage that has both scarred the land while giving rise to a formidable and modern Jozi. The film narrates the memories of a mine worker swimming through water while he contemplates his infatuation for this contrasted city and questions, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GOLD RUNS OUT? Johannesburg, South Africa 2009 “

The Johannesburg premiere will take place during the Architecture Beyond Modernism Festival at Wits university on the 23rd October 2009. This will be the only public premiere until the film is screened l in September 2010 across the country in selected Cinemas.

View clip of some of the draft images [here]

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Originally found via Contemporary Design and Architecture – one of my favourite blogs at the moment.


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