New show Cream Cartel on VUZU next week is starting a new show next week called Cream Cartel – it follows 4 hip young Joburg creatives and their creative process. Should be a cool show to watch. If you don’t have DSTV, you can also catch all the episodes on – the first episode will appear BEFORE the actual TV screening – not something you find often in the SA broadcasting landscape!
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Cream Cartel is VUZU’s brand new reality show that follows the lives of four uber-cool-joburg creatives and their creative process. It’s about fashion, it’s about Africa, it’s straight-up street.

Cream Cartel follows the daily activities of Mome, Chock, Guy and Abiya, flipping the script on your thoughts of the “typical black Joburger” and what it is to be a fashion player. Get ready for the “Cream Cartel Experience”: everything, nothing and whatever lies between.

Follow the outrages, outspoken crew and observe what they get up to, from the birth of a garment, to the process of getting it put together. Explore the crazy city of Jozi and discover what goes into the Houte Couture that is the norm for these fashionistas. The highlight of the show are the insane personalities of the crew, who will certainly make an impression.

It’s reality, it’s wild, it’s wacky, it’s raw. Don’t miss the energetic interaction between these crazy kids, their Cream Cartel customised lingo, their sharp wit, their LOL humour, their mad-fresh friendship and more importantly, their revolutionary fashion. By missing this series you will be doing yourself a disservice.

Between 10 and 5