Garmin Migration by Volcano films

We spotted this over at the Audrey2 blog. It’s an amazing piece of cinematography and well worth the watch. Seeing as it’s a series, we will definitely be seeing a couple more of these.

After recently being awarded the Garmin account, Volcano have proceeded to produce a series of spectacular adverts. Here is the first in the series, titled “Migration”. It tells the story of a herds epic journey across the African plains, through the eyes of a wildebeest. The ad is both brilliantly crafted and art directed, leaving the viewer, at more than one point, wondering- “How the hell did they get that?”

Via Audrey2.

Art Director: Francois Boshoff
Copywriter: Tasha Hodgson
Account Manager: Jenna Coxell
Executive Producer: Nicci Cox
Director: Slim
Producer: Rozanne Rocha-Gray
DOP: Werner Maritz
Post Supervisor: Darrin Hofmeyer
Offline Editor: Saki Berg

Between 10 and 5