Goodbye Citi Campaign


There comes a time in every legend’s career when it must retire. For Volkswagen’s iconic hatchback, the Citi, this is that time. Having provided 25 years of loyal service and colourful motoring, the Citi is now retiring. But like most legends, it’s not going to leave without a proper farewell. So, in celebration of this occasion, Volkswagen South Africa is launching a countrywide campaign to say goodbye to this legend of the South African roads.

VW made big news when they decided to discontinue the Citi Golf, but you haven’t seen the last of it yet. VW’s agency, Ogilvy Cape Town, is taking the very last Citi on a victory lap around South Africa  to give everyone an opportunity to say goodbye by signing what really has become the “people’s car”. For advertising purposes, Ogilvy will be filming the entire journey to create a “true-to-life documentation of the tour” that will be turned into a farewell TV commercial for Citi.

And for those who can’t meet the Citi on tour, the entire victory lap can be followed at and on Goodbye Citi’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube pages – where people have already started posting goodbye messages and Citi memories like this:

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