Feiyue footwear launch at astore

Feiyue display at astoreWe’re a bit late showcasing the Feiyue footwear launch/artistic collaboration event held at astore a while back, but it’s worth showing none the less. Take a look at the display window as well some pics of the event attendees.

This is what the press release says:

Artistic Collab Event @ astore


gray&ben are a young and aspiring design duo, influenced by the Cape Town city culture. With a background history in graffiti and mixed media design their style has quickly transitioned into different forms of illustration and a street art.

Having attended college together, they’ve worked for a wide range of clients from well known clothing companies to store installation jobs for trendy boutiques.

They’re currently exploring new fields of anti-digital construction.

Concept and theme behind the event:

The collaborative event marked the arrival of Feiyue at astore in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

The window construction identifies Feiyue’s transition from their 1920’s retro inspired influences into a more contemporary context where futuristic design structures define the night sky.

Feiyue shoes – Chinese heritage, French savior faire, international style

Feiyue shoes were born in Shanghai in the 1920s and made famous by their association with Chinese martial arts. Fast forward to 2005 and a group of French friends, globetrotters living in Shanghai, teamed up to revitalize this historic brand – resulting in the creation of the modern Feiyue. Sneakers with the rare distinction of being original yet classic.

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