Volkswagen Jetta Trip to the Beach by Ogilvy

Jetta Trip to the beach ad by Ogilvy

A great little ad by Ogilvy featuring an entire Jetta built out of sand. The Jetta took 3 days to build – was the kid in the castle during those three days? Look through for behind the scenes and credits.

Advert title: A Trip to the Beach
Copy: Getting there is just as fun. Jetta.
Advertised Brand: Volkswagen Jetta
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Creative Director: Chris Gotz, Gordon Ray
Art Director: Prabashan G. Pather, Sanjiv Mistry
Copywriter: Sanjiv Mistry, Prabashan G. Pather
Sand Sculptor: Reon Zeff
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Retoucher: Paul Hudson
Art Buyer: Samantha Wentzel

The Volkswagen Jetta is a family-focused car with such a great balance of comfort, safety and performance, it keeps everyone happy on those long and boring family journeys.

To create the ad, we worked with a local sand artist, Reon Zeff, who studied under the Guinness world record holders. In collaboration with Reon, we re-created the entire cabin of a Jetta on a 1:1 scale. The sculpture was built over a period of three days using eight tonnes of damp beach sand and water – no struts, no scaffolding, no supporting framework. Just a highly-skilled and experienced sand sculptor.

Between 10 and 5