Nike introduces the world to Cape/Burg

Nike Cape Burg Launch event

Yeah so we’re a bit slow on this one, seeing as the event happened a good couple of weeks ago, but it’s still worth punting it out there.

We headed off the the Nike Cape/Burg launch on rainy night, checked out some of the art and clothes and listened to some really good music. The Nike Cape/Burg initiative is a collaboration between Nike and a number of local artists and creatives – taking the concept of running through the city and portraying it in their own specific way. All the work is published into a single, large format booklet.
We Are Awesome was also there to take a couple of photos.

Read the rest of the bits down below:

In 1987 when Tinker Hatfield famously cut a hole in the side of the Air Max 1 exposing Nike Air, he wasn’t to know that this small act would cause a global revolution. An icon of innovation, the Air Max 1 is the hardest working running shoe ever, having logged more miles than Alberto Salazaar and Mary-Decker-Slaney combined. Other shoes get a little intimidated because this shoe is a big deal. It craves pavements, cement and asphalt and will not be stopped.

30 years later, the Air Max 1 spirit lives on, as Nike re-crafts this iconic shoe in the form of the Air Maxim 1, taking a classic shoe and applying new technologies to create a revolution all over again.

Join our ten South African Revolutionaries as they carry the spirit of the Air Max 1 forward in their work and their life, and the lead the charge into Cape/Burg.

These artists, musicians and athletes make their marks on the tracks, walls and streets of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Welcome to Cape/Burg, which portrays each of them as they run through city that inspires, energises and engages them.

From Siphiwe Tshabalala – professional football player, to Katleho Shoro – poet, Musa Nxumalo – photographer, and Kwani Experience – performing artists, each one depicts their style of running the city.

The exclusive Nike Cape/Burg book is available at selected outlets, and for more information on the revolutionaries and Nike Air Max, visit

About the revolutionaries:

DJ Euphonik
Leading the new school of Beats-Per-Minutes (BPMs), this is the pied piper of the airwaves who spins tracks we love. You can follow him on air, preaching the gospel of dance to his radio show listeners, or on any given Saturday turning out tunes at events.

Dr Zulu
Dr Zulu would not know how to stitch you up or be able to write you a prescription, but he could hook you up with the latest stitches from Nike, in his 2nd floor, walk up, sneaker store, 36 steps are only the beginning to the journey for many sneaker-heads in Cape/Burg.

Katleho Shoro
Katleho Shoro speaks her outspoken and beautiful mind. Slam poetry is her one love in the world. Shooting from the hip, aiming straight for the heart, shooting to kill with her words is what she is all about.

Kwani Experience
Mix six of the most talented and spirited individuals into a tightly performing set, and tease and tingle your sound palette through a 5-star, 5 course music experience. African Folk, Contemporary African, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Experimental Jazz, Drum & Bass and Funk all combined to make up Kwani Experience.

Musa Nxumalo
Musa Nxumalo can channel various references and influences into his black-and-white, rock-and-roll inspired photography. This is a stereotype-busting, shooting-from-the-gut, this-is-my-life kinda man/image maker from Soweto.

Rattex has risen from the dust to give voice to challenges of ikasi life. Spitting his rugged rhymes in a combination of languages, he raps from the heart, laying downs tracks that grab the South African reality by the neck.

Ruben Ramolefi
Ruben Ramolefi is a steeplechaser. Jumping hurdles and skipping water ditches over 3000 metres are only some of the challenges he has to face regularly. Not only is a Law degree in his immediate sight, but also medals at the next games.

Meet an artist who is changing the world around him to inspire our lives, and the cityscape around us. One man, one can. One man who makes the difference between a meaningless squirt of colour on a concrete wall and a spray can painting that inspires the kids to take up the can.

Siphiwe Tshabalala
Siphiwe Tshabalala possesses something that makes him a national team player. Vision. He makes things happen on the field. Siphiwe is a player with good, close control and an eye for defense, splitting passes and a knack for timing his run down the left wing.

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