Luke Cannon – student skate brand development

Luke Cannon design studentLuke Cannon is a recent graduate from the Durban University of Technology where he completed his BTech in Visual Communication.

Whilst conducting research, Luke decided to create a skateboard brand that would fill the gap in the local market. It is this research that then also formed the style of the brand, that he’s since called Remedy. Luke has completed a mini print campaign, skate decks, flyers and a number of iconography inspired t-shirts. More images and some rationale after the jump.

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This brand uses unique graphic content that features both local substance and local character based on insights I have gained from my experiences within the genre in South Africa. I’ve noticed a host of diverse cultural and local visual elements that a skate brand might appropriate to develop unique design content. Remedy uses these local visual elements to better communicate to a local skate market. The brand also has an underlying concept or “core concept” that was used as an ‘anchor’ for all the creative work. This core concept was motivated by my personal outlook on skateboarding.

I see skateboarding as a type of physical remedy where one can express oneself creatively with other like-minded individuals. I therefore chose to name this brand Remedy as I see skateboarding as a way to release the stress life brings us. In other words it’s escapism from the daily grind. Remedy is both the brand name and the core concept. I subsequently used this core concept to inform the design. I discovered that Remedy could use this type of communicative design to help emphasize the brand rather than relying on a typical logo. In order to separate Remedy from its competitors, I decided not to create a logo and thus the only way a consumer could recognise Remedy is through its content, name, communication and design.

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