Making of Standard Bank Global TVC

We’re suckers for behind the scenes work, so when the production house Luma sent us this work that’s behind one of our favourite campaigns for Standard Bank we were pretty excited. The video you see above is the completed version.

The Standard Bank Moving Forward campaign is a piece of work that we’ve really enjoyed, from the illustration through to the execution. Luma was brought in to produce that commercial, and they’ve just put out a blog post explaining the behind-the-scenes production work, including some examples of mock sketches and an assortment of other tid-bits that gives one an interesting perspective into what it takes to produce a 3D TV commercial. Read on the Luma blog how they completed the project in an 8 week turnaround time.

This is what they have to say for themselves:

Initially, we teamed up with TBWA/Hunt Lascaris (The same team that won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix award for their Zimbabwean campaign) here in Johannesburg, to pitch a  treatment for the bank’s new corporate direction called “Moving Forward”. This was based on kinetic typography, with the use of photo’s, illustration and typography.

Standard Bank Global 2D Animatic from Luma Studios on Vimeo.

After the pitch was accepted, we were re-briefed to take the flat 2D interpretation and see how far we could take it for the global TVC. The rest of the campaign rested on the following three pillars: Paper – acting as vehicle and backdrop, Typography – carrying the narrative, and Iconography – the combination of recognizable elements that form an idea.

We decided to take a 3D journey through a paper world. The paper would be alive and shape itself into whatever the scene required. On top of that we shot real people, which we added into the mix of relevant elements to create an icon of each idea.

We had 8 weeks to pull it off.

Between 10 and 5