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Sirens Exhibition by Jake Aikman at Salon91

Sirens Exhibition by Jake Aikman Sirens, a solo show of new artwork by Jake Aikman, will open at Salon91 on 1 December 2009. The exhibition takes as its theme the classical myth of the sirens, the beautiful half human and half bird-like creatures who lure sailors to their death through their enchanted music. This is also seen as one of the origins of the legend of the mermaid and been a major source of inspiration to countless poets, novelists, artists and musicians over time.

Salon91 is at 91 Kloof street, Cape Town.
In his paintings Aikman examines this myth and the narratives and stories that have sprung up around it and presents a fresh take on what a siren may actually be and what she represents. His work on sirens sometimes has a moody and melancholic air but is always, like the strange creatures themselves, suffused with beauty.- Andrew Lamprecht

Between 10 and 5