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Idea Bounty Announces Peperami Brief Winners

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After much anticipation Idea Bounty finally picked a winning solution for the recent Peperami Brief – and with the amount (1185 ideas to be exact) and quality of the entries, not only one – but two winning ideas were chosen.

And the lucky winners are: Kevin Baldwin, who receives a $10 000 Bounty and Rowland Davies, who receives a $5 000 bounty.

Here’s a short lowdown on the winners:

Kevin has been a copywriter since the mid-80s and is the author of 4 books (about baldness and football). He’s worked for a number of agencies and also appeared on the Weakest Link. For the last year he’s been a freelancer and stay-at-home-dad. You can check out some of his previous work here.

Roland Davies is an ex creative director, who’s recently been let go. Rowland landed his first job at Ogilvy in the late 80s and also worked as a worldwide creative director at BBDO Germany, he’s worked on a bunch of big brands in the past was excited to do something fun for a change and jumped at the opportunity to work on a big campaign.

Unfortunately, no info on the ideas can be disclosed, but we’ll be sure to share them with you here when they hit TV screens.

You can check out the full interview on the IdeaBounty blog – where Dan discusses crowdsourcing and the creative process with the winners– it’s really worth a read. Also check out the new brieffor the Alan Gray Foundation, which is currently in full swing.

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