The Butcher’s Friday Cut debut on 10 and 5!

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For those of you who already follow the Butcher’s Cut, you’re awesome. And for those newcomers, welcome, you’re about to become awesome. Basically the Butcher’s Cut has been running for the last year and has now been invited to contribute on 10and5. Spreading the awesomeness.


Or if it’s not working , listen here:

What is the Butcher’s Friday Cut you may ask? Well, its Friday glory wrapped up in an MP3. I choose a song every week that epitomizes the spirit of Friday and kicks off your weekend with an overwhelming “hell yeah!” All you need to do is click on the link and download it. Why do I do it? Because it’s A for awesome and makes me a better person.

I also accept suggestions but beware, it takes a particular type of song to make the cut. It could be the intro, the lyrics or the chorus, but something in the song has to make you wanna jump up and boogie. So suggest wisely.

I will also be posting upcoming events for the weekend. No, this is not to punt every event happening in Cape Town, but rather to select the most fantastic weekend vibes to ‘spice up your life’ (and no, Spice Girls will never make it into the Cut).

Feel free to comment on the chosen song or share your weekend plans. Its all in the name of ‘gees.’

So sit back, relax, pour yourself a drink and turn up the volume…

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EVENTS this week:

  • Saturday 28th at Assembly – Gazelle is playing although it is actually the 5Fm Saturday Surgery. I must admit the rest of the line up (Rodger Goode etc) don’t really blow my hair back but Gazelle is always a good laugh. Facebook event is here.
  • Friday 4th December its a 8 Lytton Street Art Shopping Party – Its from 6 to 9:30pm and features Tracy Lyach, Tracy Payne, Sarah Pratt, Kurt Pio, Gabrielle Raaff, Frank van Reenan and Conrad Botes. Should be a cracking cultural experience.
  • Saturday 28th at Arts on Main – Alice in Zululand is a mix of art, music and a healthy dose of awesome. Catch a mix of DJ’s from Swiss Dub DJ’s Filewile, to MTKIDU and 340ML to name a few. You can also win tickets a little bit later! Catch the Facebook event here.
  • Exchange Creative Market – This weekend you can pop past the Exchange Creative Market happening at the Labia Theatre on Orange. It’s a great place to find some artists, creatives and other interesting people showcasing products that you probably won’t find in any other marketplace. More info here.

Between 10 and 5