Cape Town Tourism Blogger Activation Day

Cape Town Tourism recently had a blogger activation day. The idea behind the day was to show them and their followers why Cape Town is cool. The day encompassed the bloggers driving Reynard F1 styled cars that could hit up to 240km/h!

Their PR team hosts quarterly media days with different areas in marketing/media in order to network with them and let everyone build relationships within the local media and their area of business.

Check out the awesome photos over at Cape Town Daily Photo and Cape Town Travel.

Unfortunately the 10and5 team could not attend, but be sure you’ll see us at the next one.


  1. The hell? No invites for me either. Just as well, I play way too much “Burnout Paradise” and would leave a lasting, fiery impression on the circuit.

  2. Thanks for linking to Cape Town Daily Photo’s pictures of the racing. Don’t worry, Onelargeprawn, only one half of the CTDP team got an invitation (and it wasn’t this half :P), so I had to console myself by playing with my matchbox cars that morning (they don’t go very fast). Based on the stories I got to listen to afterwards, it sounds like it was an amazing experience, though.