The Butcher’s Friday Cut!

27_Nov_09 (2)

Welcome back to another Friday of glory! Its official! We’ve made it through another week of work, madness and mayhem. How much are we loving the fact that it’s the weekend baby! I for one am completely stoked. We hit it old school last week and for a little bit of a contrast I’ve chosen something contemporary to kick off your weekend… Enjoy!


Don’t forget that I also accept suggestions but (and yes this is copied and pasted from last weeks post) beware, it takes a particular type of song to make the cut. It could be the intro, the lyrics or the chorus, but something in the song has to make you wanna jump up and boogie. So suggest wisely.

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As for this weekends events:

  • Friday, December 4, 2009 at Woodstock Industrial center – Movie premier of two short films: Epitaph and Via the Backroads.Visit the Facebook event here
  • Saturday, December 5, 2009 at Fiction – Peroxide – The High School Prom. Check out the Facebook event here.
  • Friday, December 4, 2009 Big Long Street festival party for final draw. Sounds like its going to be a blast. For more info CLICK HERE


  1. Oh and I’ve just heard the Wedding Dj’d are playing at LB’s on Long street on Saturday! They embody awesome!

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  3. Nice use of the word ‘contemporary’ Butcher.

  4. As always, this is awesome! Thanks Kate!

  5. your download partner sucks…find another one please…the download keeps dropping *sigh* local bandwidth sucks….

  6. Sorry about that. Busy working on it. Any suggestions?

  7. Yeah, I can’t download the mp3, all slots are taken. Googled for “starstukk” and found it on YouTube. Fun! 😉

    Maybe just embed YouTube videos in future? There’s generally always a vid for a song even if it’s a live recording or unofficial.

    Here’s my suggestion: The Rhythm by The Cat Empire (check out their sweet logo too)

    ps. curious, did you ever find that “legal loophole” you were looking for?

  8. Rather use Mediafire for downloads. Works like a charm.