Made in China Shirt design from Mingo Lamberti

CHOP SUEY shirt by Mingo Lamberti for Made in China range

Mingo Lamberti always has some fresh design. We’re digging the new range of Made in China shirts. Brad was kind enough to send us some images through. This range was produced in conjunction with biblioteq, Designtimes and vida e caffe

He says:

This t-shirt is 100% not made in china. It is however inspired by china’s overflowing rice bowls, snapping chopsticks and kitsch knock-offs.
It is also one of the four winning designs chosen for our 7th range. Not for all the tea in china would we mass produce these designs.
They are all limited edition, 1 of only 200, so you can love them long time.

Between 10 and 5