New Kleine Zalze campaign

KZ 1jpg

A new social campaign launched yesterday by Stonewall+ for Kleine Zalze Wines. The website is accepting applications from the public and will select Ambassadors for their Summer campaign. The chosen Ambassadors will receive wine from Kleine Zalze and be given various wine/social/cooking/lifestyle challenges which they’ll need to report back on via posts on the blog. For each post, Ambassadors will receive points and this will determine who will win the grand prize of a full weekend away at the Kleine Zalze Estate just before the end of Summer, other prizes will also be available for runners up and non-ambassadors who participate on their blog.

The campaign aims to create a popular wine lifestyle blog that provides regular and unique inspiration to wine drinkers through the creative ideas of the Kleine Zalze Ambassadors.

Think you’re going to have an awesome Summer holiday? Would you like some Kleine Zalze Wine to wash that down? Then make sure you apply.

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