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Happy Holidays from 10and5!

The end of 2009 is nigh (giggle) and we’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your support. And to everyone we’ve featured this year, thank you! Without your amazing creativity and hard work we wouldn’t exist. So, before this starts to sound like an Oscar speech, we just want to wish you all a happy festive season and new year! And as our present to you, we’re putting together all our favourites of 2009 for you to enjoy!


the 10and5 team

Kate’s Favourite from 2009:

The reason I’ve chosen this ad as my favourite piece for 2009 is because the first time I saw it I didn’t like it very much. But looking back on it now, I love it. When discussing the ad, one friend said to me “It’s lifestyle, it’s cool and edgy. Just like scar.” (thanks gmail chat history!) And despite the furore it caused on the site (read the comments here), I don’t think anyone can deny that. So well done to IdoIdea for getting people talking. And thanks to you guys for taking the time to debate creativity, it just goes to show what a passionate bunch you are. 

Uno’s Favourite from 2009:

It’s difficult choosing from massive body of work, and the amount of great creative work being punted out this year is astonishing. I’m picking the Ami Collective BARE project as my favourite creative piece of the year as it shows  a broad collective of artists and illustrators that we’ve featured during the past year. Check out the rest here.

Ami collective BARE project

Johann’s Favourite from 2009:
What a great year for South African design and illustration. When Uno and I started this project I was slightly worried that we wouldn’t have enough content. Boy, was I wrong.

My favourite piece for 2009 was the VW “Cheetah” advert by Ogilvy Cape Town. Some hated it, most loved it, but no one can disagree that it didn’t make an impact.

Here’s the ad again in case you missed it:

Mari’s Favourite from 2009:

When choosing my fave post for this year, I decided to stick with the post that came to mind immediately: Jan Spies for Cremora. It’s a known fact that I’m a huge fan of Afrikaans and a little known fact that I have a collection of Jan Spies short stories that I treasure in my bookcase. The ad is the epitome of the writer’s dryness and humour – an absolute treasure to have discovered!

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