Heart 104.9 FM CD Billboard by Lowe Bull Cape Town

Heart.FM Billboard by Lowe Bull Lowe Bull put together this great concept billboard for Heart 104.9 FM. It was placed at the Waterfront and encouraged the public to bring in their CD’s to fill up the entire billboard – with the concept that with Heart FM you don’t need CD’s as you just turn on your radio. It’s a nice experiential concept and apparently did quite well PR wise too. thanks Natalie!


  1. would be cool if the used zimbabwean money…… hang on errmmmm

  2. Yeah.
    It’s similar to the Zim money board…but the execution and the message is different.
    Hardly groundbreaking stuff but still a fair attempt.

    I would have gone one further and asked people to throw in their iPods – or maybe get people to upload their MP3 tracks to compare against the station’s playlist (“We’ve got your favourite on 104.9”) or something like that…

  3. I think it’s similar, but still different enough. The message is entirely different. Collages have been around for ages, Zimbabwean was hardly the first to use it.

  4. Collage was also done by King James on the quilt they made for Allen Gray.

    I think all of them are great. Would rather see something interesting then a static banner blaring out some boring message.

  5. I agree, collages has been around for ages but the creativity of making them work in different ways for different campaigns is great. Well done Lowe Bull 🙂