The Butcher’s FRIDAY CUT!

Welcome back! I for one can’t believe its Friday already. But lets be honest, Friday can never come too soon so prepare yourselves for an awesome weekend. Here is the Friday Cut to kick it off with a foot tapping, ass kicking melody! Its a little slower and less up beat than usual but it is a truly beautiful song. Enjoy

To download the Mp3 CLICK HERE

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As for parties happening this weekend:

For those of you that have ‘rock’ music flowing through your veins you have to get over to the Castle Hotel tonight to see the Wedding DJ Chopper and Bra Phil kicking it. For more details CLICK HERE.

On a more ‘cultural’ note its the J&B met tomorrow. Lets be honest there is nothing cultural about it and its just and excuse to over indulge on your favorite beverage. Either way it should be fun.

Between 10 and 5