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New Gallery in Cape Town

We recently received a press release from Wessel Snyman Creative, a new progressive fine art gallery in Bree Street. The next exhibition is Skeleton Woman by Wessel Snyman Creative and is opening on Saturday. Definitely worth dropping in for that one.

Wessel Snyman Creative is a brand new progressive fine art gallery open at 17 Bree Street, Cape Town.  The gallery is 160 square meter space with a very vintage industrial feel to it.  The aim was to veer away from the white cube spaces of which there are many around the metropoles of South Africa, and find creative and practical alternatives to an exhibition hall.  The aim was to create a space that isn’t intimidating to neither viewer nor artist, but that is totally professional at the same time.  We included many ‘old world’ elements alongside very modern elements, with a focus on mid century furniture and interior design.  The gallery is equipped to exhibit video and sound installation, we have a state of the art sound system as well as projectors as well as television screens, we are equipped to exhibit two dimensional work up to 2,3 meters in height.  We are equipped to exhibit sculpture on various different plinths as well as floor standing.  In all aspects the gallery is on par with high exhibition standards.  In conceptualisation of the gallery, we built it on an the early Guggenheim gallery, which was not a clean, slick space, but included selected furniture and design ideas. Although we are newly opened, our approach is the same as for our young artists, to step confidently onto the art scene, hoping to add, if not to redefine contemporary art as well exhibition practice in South Africa.

Our aim is to create platforms for mostly emerging artists, providing opportunity for young artists to exhibit work in a professional manner and space, in all media, not only fine art, but also design, jewelry design, industrial design.  The gallery is designed both in physicality and in concept to host all kinds of talent, but to push the limit a little further every single time.

Additionally the gallery will offer various other serviced to the public as well as to the artists we hold dear.  Bespoke framing working solely with handmade profiles from rare hardwoods from renewable sources, individually designed for each client, creating frames that are in themselves works of art, and moving away from prefabricated, industrialised framing techniques.  Bookbinding with the same approach, working with absolutely tailored material, with a marketing aim at the private and commercial consumer.  The gallery can also run as a professional photography studio as well an exclusive music hall to small audiences.  The point is for the space to be completely flexible and to form itself fluently around all types of creative endeavor.   We believe in what do, we love what we do.

For more information please contact Wessel at 021 418 0980.

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