Mahala wants an in-house illustrator

Our friends at Mahala are looking for an illustrator to help the overworked and underpaid Jason Bronkhorst from Comix to illustrate their stories. Every week Mahala has at least one or two stories that require an illustration. Although not in a position to offer cold hard cash for the work, Mahala does have an audience of 24 500 hits every month and is a great platform for showing off your steez. They can also hook you up with tickets to gigs, parties and other free lunches to reciprocate.
A word from Mahala’s Andy Davis, “If you’re up for it, I think the discipline should be to produce these illustrations relatively quickly – I don’t want you guys to agonise over them for too long. Once you’ve got a basic concept just mock it up and send it when you’re happy with it. That’d work for us.”
They’re also only looking for one or two new illustrators to come on board, so there aren’t too many conflicting styles on the site. If you’re keen to show the world what you can do, drop Andy a line here.
Check out some of the previous work from Jason:

Between 10 and 5