Vespa Take One Campaign

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    YOU CAN DO IT!! Check the event photo’s for visual reference too.

    Follow these steps below PLEASSSEEE:

    Step 1:

    Go to

    Step 2:

    Login to Youtube with your current email, or sign up for a new one. (two seconds, and everyone should have an account on Youtube by now anyway 🙂

    Step 3:

    Join the Vespa group

    Step 4:

    Find the video called “Vespa – Forget where you’re going” in the right hand column by Idoidea (guy on the orange Vespa) and click on it.

    Step 5:

    Once the video starts to play, go to discussions underneath the video, and click “I love it”.

    This should click the votes up by one, and it’ll say, “thanks for you vote”

    Step 6:

    Stand in line while i take everyone in this group for a spin on my new VESPA!!!

    Please vote now… deadline is TODAY!!! VOTE NOW… it’s so easy!!