New Seaharvest site


  1. really crisp .. i dig it .. !!

  2. some nice detail. dig the kids picture drawing itself in.

  3. That’s hot. Very clean look and layout.

    Although I find the Registration has been overlooked – it doesn’t explain why I’d want to register. And what’s with that login(?) form? The label (not a true label, because it’s not clickable) is “Username:”, the field text is “Email Address…”. And there is no “Login” heading. WTF?

  4. awesome, would love to see this header as a constant, from a UX point of view I had to keep going back to the home page to use the flash navigation , other wise I would have seen it once,briefly and just used the HTML nav , missing out on all the goodness?

  5. Not to be picky but concept and design direction by UTR (Under the radar); design execution and programming by Stonewall. Happy to share 🙂 Tricia, CD, UTR.