Custom illustrated TYRED furniture

Illustrated furniture by Xanele Van Rensburg for TYRED furniture

The latest range of seating from TYRED furniture comes in the form of custom illustrated designs by some of South Africa’s top illustrators and artists. Check out the work by Love and Hate, Dylan Jones, Senyol. Bruce Mackay and more.

Each chair costs R2000, of which R800 goes to our chosen charity men on the side of the road, R800 goes back to the designer, and R400 to production.

More pics after the jump.


  1. nice work!! could you do custom ones for a business? also where can illustrators submit thier work if they want to partake?

  2. also digging these – would be nice to do a regular range of them. Perhaps an agency can get all their illustrators to do a chair.

  3. @Ryno – For sure we can make custom ones for business’s. please visit our website, or mail us some idea’s. As for doing custom ones… these were the only 10 during our “i’m designer” TYRED stand at the Design Indaba Expo.

    @Uno – Bring it on agencies… i think that would be amazing.

  4. Dylan Jones aka theory_one? or other?

    Very cool project Sean!

  5. hi Rouleaux … not me .. 🙂 .. dylan wyndam jones i think!

  6. Hahaha… Dyl Jones of Spacepatrolcar. (god it gets confusing sometimes)

    Shot Rouleaux…!! More to come…