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New Idea Bounty brief for Capitec

There is a new brief out on the Idea Bounty site and this time it’s for Capitec. The prize brief is worth $5,000 – a tidy sum when all is required is a concept for a print and online banner ad. They say:

Recently Capitec Bank was named one of the ‘Great Brands of Tomorrow” by the Swiss financial institute Credit Suisse. Not only is Capitec Bank one of 27 brands globally that made it onto this list but it is the only African brand. The inclusion of Capitec Bank is also significant as it shows that hardly ten years into existence they are a major player in the South African market which up to this point in time has been dominated by the four traditional South African banks.

In order to leverage Capitec Bank’s inclusion in the list of the great brands of tomorrow we are looking for a concept for both a print and an online banner ad that will announce to the world that Capitec Bank is one of tomorrow’s great brands and the only one to come from Africa. These concepts will be put into production on Friday the 19th of March and the ads will run in the next fortnight so time is of the essence!!!

We say, check out the objectives after the jump, or visit the Idea Bounty site for more info.The Objectives:

The objective is to produce one print ad concept and one online banner ad concept that helps spread the word about Capitec Banks inclusion in Credit Suisse “Great Brands of Tomorrow’ report.  We are looking for these concepts to focus on the following:

  • * What the Credit Suisse “Great Brands of Tomorrow” report is
  • * What it means that Capitec Bank has been included in the report
  • * Communicate to the world that Capitec Bank IS one of the world’s great brands
  • * And if possible thank all the bank’s customers, clients, shareholders and staff for making it possible to be included in the report

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