New Loerie Awards 2010 creatives

Creative work done by Ogilvy for the Loerie Awards 2010

The 2010 Loerie Awards have been opened, and the first round of creatives have been released. The tongue-in-cheek creative work was done by Ogilvy CPT. We’re waiting on the next ones! Read the piece by Herman Mason at Bizcommunity. Click through this post for more images of the creative work.




  1. LOVE … saw these earlier today . i really like them

  2. “The biggest event of the year”


  3. fun stuff. those are funny. dig it

  4. nice one ogilvy

  5. I’m not sure I like it at all, I find them quite boring, maybe I just don’t get it.

  6. Have you opened them up to look at the lines properly Kirsten?

  7. Yes I have, I like the concept but I don’t like how its been executed.
    Different strokes I guess…