New FEDISA campaign

The following campaign was created by Formd, a New Media and Print Design agency in Cape Town. In 2008 Formd was approached by FEDISA (Future Excellence Design Institute of South Africa) to refresh their corporate identity and also assist them with other marketing and branding elements. Formd originated and developed the concept of photographing actual students at FEDISA to show prospective students the diverse range of students currently pursuing their studies at FEDISA and hopefully someone that they could relate to. These photos were used as the main focal point of the website and the same concept was used for the FEDISA poster campaign which rolled off the press in February 2010. All art direction, copy and photography was done by Charl du Plessis (Formd).

*Please Note: The poster design that features the copy line “The Tom Ford is my Shepherd”, as a play on “The Lord is my Shepherd”, generated some debate and controversy amongst the students and parents, leading to the Academic Director and CEO, Mr Allen Leroux, deciding not to go to print with that specific design. As 10and5 is a showcase for the South African creative industry, we decided to include it purely on creative merit and to possibly generate more debate.

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