Creative guerilla consumerism campaign

Guerilla Consumerism

Creative guerilla consumerism campaign

Check out the work from a student who wishes to remain anonymous (due to the nature of the work). Obviously we can’t tell you too much about them, so we’ll let the work speak for itself.

The Symbol Project was designed to encourage consumers to contemplate the status quo of their visual environment, the aim is that the consumer will re-establish their ideals. The various components of the project provide consumers with information in a variety of print based forms. These educational guerilla tactics aim to give consumers, honest facts in order to make informed choice. By labelling things within our visual environment as unethical, the symbol plays the part of both citizen designer and visual commentator.

Basically the items are shop-dropped (which is the opposite of shop lifting) onto super market shelves.

The lucky-packet, is anonymously placed inside magazines and newspapers. Its contents include the informational booklet, anti-advertising goggles and stickers. The booklet is packed with information and statistics about advertising and marketing.

The cereal boxes are placed in the cereal aisle, on each box is a quote that parents generally say about sugary children’s cereal. Information on the back highlights the sugar content of the different cereals that are popular amongst children, as well as the techniques and tactics used by advertisers, designers and marketers.

The bottled water, employs fictitious facts about bottled water and highlights the fact that word based lies are easier to notice than visual lies. The informational brochures are simply place on the bottles in the supermarket fridges.

Also there are 2 posters for the project, they go up in and around supermarket buildings a few days before the items are shop-dropped.

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