Guess the Brand

A few thousand South Africans have been laughing at a pretty incompetent politician this week, and while something’s in life are worth waiting for political speeches aren’t one of them.
So we were really happy to hear that this is not a real politician but a teaser for a new campaign!

We got in contact with the guys involved in producing the campaign and we’ve put together a competition to see who can guess the brand which the teaser is for.

The person who guesses correctly with the most entertaining comment will win an awesome product hamper from the brand in question.

Give us your answers below in the comments bar.






  1. Smells like flame grilled chicken to me, peri peri style. And I think someones eating Nandos on the right, because his been distracted from his speech the whole time.

  2. I recon Nike running shoes, he’s speaking for such an age that he’s got to run fast when he’s got time!

  3. I bet it’s a viral for Durex or Pronto or another condom, get it on wherever or something.

  4. Dial Direct

  5. I would have to guess Windhoek Lager 🙂

  6. Um, I think, um, that, um I think this um, clip, um I think, is uh a cam… cam… cam… uh a campaign for the uh, for umm, uh Nandos?

  7. Maybe its a campaign for Networkbbdo’s Cape Town website, seeing that its not up and running yet?

  8. it’s very funny. i’m going to go with Robertsons Spices.

  9. me i think it be politically correct, yes ladies and gentlemen, that in any conclusion; in fact the broad spectrum of the goal to be achieved for us all, Ladies and gentlemen, with immediate effect. madam speaker! amandla Nandos amandla! Viva nandos viva, yes me i think it is Nandos.

  10. Hey All, just a heads up that no one has gotten the right answer yet. But keep on guessing!

  11. It should be Nando’s ad though. Maybe I should download it and re-brand it as a Nandos add and upload it to Youtube again. We’ll call it viral hi-jacking. There’s no current brand connected to it. It just needs the Nando’s logo and a one-liner at the end. Any ideas?

  12. I think it could be for a car company, cars so beautiful they even distract mouthy politicians!

  13. What about for a throat Lozenge, for when you’ve got a sore throat from lots of talking?

  14. Mmmm. UmmmLADIES! and umm Gentle. Men. WEEE.. in my pants! Wash with OMO!

  15. Hmmm… Funny as hell, maybe for strepsils, dry throat?

  16. Maybe Frisco coffee, since he’s so asleep?

  17. I think Mike is probably 99.9% spot-on, but I am still going to turn it into a Nando’s ad.

  18. Classic. Is it for exclusive books perhaps? Sounds like he could improve his vocabulary a little 🙂

  19. Is it for Frisco? Or maybe Freshpak?

  20. Michael F. Cane

    It’s an ad for a laxative.

  21. Michael F. Cane

    It’s for Immodium.

  22. mweb uncapped ? 🙂 .. you need uncapped to watch that..

  23. “Immodium stops diarrhea fast”. Did FoxP2 make it?

  24. Unavoidable…how about Mweb? Faster internet.

  25. It it it, um I think it must be ffff for the zzzzzzzz za news um yes um yes it must be.

  26. Network did right?! It’s for milk! Parmalat? It’s messing with Nando’s peri peri, milk numbs it down!

  27. Andrew Macfarlane

    City Varsity? Improve your public speaking? Long shot? (They crazy like that!)

  28. Ja, Network dig that crazy shit, maybe the next Chicken Licken ads?

  29. Hmmm could it be Capitec?

  30. Snickers, perhaps? Or Good Hope FM?

  31. cell c. talk for longer. maybe he talks the same way when he’s on the phone…

  32. Steers ?

  33. Parmalat Extra-Thick yoghurt hahahaha

  34. extra thick 🙂 classic. maybe it’s for hunters. i imagine the listeners would probably need some refreshment after having to sit through that speech. the speaker could probably do with one as well…

  35. Wow, some really close ones!

    Remember the prize is for the most creative answer so keep guessing!

  36. Andrew Macfarlane

    Long-Life milk? Parmalat? (That guys going to carry on doing that till the end of t-t-t-t-time!Ladies & Gentle-mmmmmmen)

  37. What about for the new tv network, something about having something better to watch?

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  39. an ad for the ANC…?

  40. I think it mite be some kinda News Paper like The Mail & Guardian… Decoding politics

  41. What about
    this sure is no click, click — ding dong…

  42. Its for Parmalat! But I’m vegan, give the prize to someone else… :p